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Visual Solutions Inc. offers more than just mere office jobs. You can live an unforgettable experience and work in an environment that puts you in a technically comprehensive and competitive mindset. There are many career opportunities, as well as benefits, and your talent will be used as the backbone of future endeavors. Come take a look; We love finding new talent.

Come Help Us Make the Web a Better Place.

With the rise of web interaction and software services, the demand for people with knowledge of these subjects also increases. However, many companies are still dipping their toes into the waters of such topics as search engine optimization, point of sale, and web marketing; these topics also need experts in order to get connected with their audience. Getting other companies adjusted to the latest technologies isn’t easy, but it takes the right people to make it so. Here are some of the projects that you too can help work on shown below.

Teams & Open Roles

Send an email to info@visualsolutions-inc.com with a copy of your resume if you are interested in a position. Our most common roles are in the following fields.

Web Development

Develop/support multiple web and mobile applications for our clients.

Human Resources

Recruit, interview and place potential employees. Handle employee relations, salary, and training.

Program Design

Design content such as updated pages or new features to be associated with our clients.


Reach out to potential consumers, enhance brand images, and help companies connect to their chosen market.

Customer Support

Look over customer technology inquiries, such as errors and missing content, and help manage/repair software and hardware.

Risk & Security

Examine software and hardware for any threats or vulnerabilities, and keep security programs up to date.

Life Inside Our Office

Working with Visual Solutions Inc. is an career opportunity not to be missed, and our office life can be considered by our employees as a second home. We take our work seriously and pay attention to performance, but we have a fantastic atmosphere with friendly faces and fun business projects.

Perks & Benefits

Our employees are given a wide array of perks, from dental to healthcare to targeted bonuses, and even an occasional meal at the office. Check out the details to the right side of the screen.

Vision and Dental

We provide our employees with vision and dental insurance.

Targeted Bonus Program

Employees get the opportunity to reach their goals, and obtain a targeted bonus at the end of the year.

Competitive Salary

Visual Solutions Inc is negotiable when it comes to your salary. We aim to make it equal to or more than the industry standard.

Occasional Breakfast & Lunch

Did you miss breakfast this morning, or forget to bring lunch? No need to worry; you can expect a meal on the break table almost every time you walk into the office.

Health Care

Great healthcare coverage is provided to you, so no money comes out of your wallet when medical situations arise.

Annual Company Trip

Once a year, we provide you with an opportunity to travel, and aid clients from all over the world in projects.

Let’s Work Together

If you’re interested in any of the services we offer, or if you find yourself drawn to the idea of joining the team, please contact us today for more information.